Friday, 26 April 2019

Prolonged back pain can lead to serious medical complications

Sometimes #lower back pain is not a specific condition, but a symptom of something else. Low back pain is more common in women than men. Connective #tissues surrounding muscles in the back normally have alternating layers of #fibers that handle substantial loads and glide easily. People with prolonged #low-back pain have decreased gliding motion between connective tissue layers, which could contribute to functional impairment.
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Monday, 22 April 2019

Osteoporosis leading to vertebral fracture and Kyphosis: Case Study

A Case of Severe #Kyphosis due to #Osteoporosis has been reported by Boris Blechacz and colleagues at Mayo Clinic,Rochester, MN which has appeared in NEJM. The most common cause of kyphosis in adults is form a #vertebral fracture due to osteoporosis. This can occur in both men and women but is more common in females than in males. As osteoporosis weakens the vertebral bones in the #spine, the vertebrae are susceptible to fracture that typically occurs in a wedge shape with the front of the vertebra collapsing and losing its height and the back of the vertebra maintaining its height.

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Thursday, 18 April 2019

Fusion not the only option for patients struggling with cervical disc pain

As people age, inter #vertebral discs lose water and decrease in height. Because the daily motion patterns of this mobile area can wear down the dehydrated discs, this can cause discs to bulge and surrounding #bone structures to produce spurs.Both bulging discs and #bone spurs can press on sensitive nerve structures, causing pain and other symptoms.
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Tuesday, 16 April 2019

Global Spine Orthopedic Devices Market 2019-2026 | Top Key Players like – Zimmer Biomet Holding, Inc, DePuy Synthes, Inc, NuVasive, Inc, Stryker Corp, and Medtronic PLC

Spinal implants are used in treating disorders of the #spinal column. An increase in the incidence rate of #spinal disorders, such as #spondylolisthesis, and disc-related issues, and spinal stenosis, are driving the market growth. Most of the spine implants are used to correct deformities of the spine by stabilizing and strengthening the spine. These implants are composed of metals such as #titanium alloy, stainless steel, and #bio-absorbable materials. 

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Friday, 5 April 2019


As #spinal surgery in scoliotic patients aims to correct the deformity and ‘normalize’ the #spine, a better understanding of the deviation of the spine from the normative #spine curvature can inform the surgeon about the changes that are needed to be imparted during the surgery. Our classification allows the surgeon to acknowledge this difference and plan better for #surgery. Thus far, this was only possible through a complicated and time-consuming image processing, but our method allows us to obtain the same information from the clinically available X-ray images. Learning about this new classification led the surgeon to incorporate that very sought-after #third dimension of the spine, which is traditionally hard to access in clinic, in their clinical practice.”

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Wednesday, 3 April 2019

Looking Down at Our Phones Can Cause Spine Problems

The condition can take years to develop but can be noticeable in children and young adults.It can be #reversed, but it can take years to correct and can cause irreversible #spinal conditions. "It's not healthy, it really isn't. And it will cause changes over time. So I highly recommend cutting the activity down and watch that posture said Dr. Brain Huffman. Huffman says the best advice is to sit straight up while looking at your phone.

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Friday, 29 March 2019

Purdue engineers develop tiny glutamate sensors for spinal cord injuries

Purdue University engineers have built a tiny #flexible sensor that is faster and more precise than past attempts at tracking this chemical called #glutamate.The sensor an implantable device on the #spinal cord, is primarily a research.The technology could also allow for implanting more sensors along the #spinal cord which would help researchers to know how far glutamate spreads and how quickly.

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